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Wagyu is Japanese beef produced by four breeds of cattle. Kobe beef is wagyu produced in the Hyogo Prefecture, the capital of which is Kobe. Matsusaka beef comes from. All Wagyu are going to have a higher fat content than, say Angus, but the Kuroge Washu is where true Kobe beef comes from. Live Wagyu cows are banned from exportation out of Japan but there was a period of time when some were allowed to be exported. Japanese Wagyu and Kobe meat has always been allowed to be exported. Kobe as a Variety of Wagyu. When loosely translated to English, “wagyu” means “Japanese cattle” – “wa” means Japanese-style think of wafu pasta and “gyu” means cattle. For this reason, wagyu simply means cattle or cow that has been bred in Japan, or if you’re going to take it.

What's Wagyu? Wagyu is, quite simply, the most sought after beef in the world -- and the subject of much confusion, thanks to the frequent misuse of the term "Kobe beef" in this country. We set out to discover the truth about Wagyu. This article is the result of research conducted from Japanese langu. Unfortunately, while “Kobe” beef is trademarked in Japan, that trademark does not extend outside the country’s borders. Many shady restaurants, grocery stores, and wholesalers will attempt to sell non-authentic Wagyu beef and steaks as “Kobe,” “Kobe-Style,” or “Wagyu” in order to charge higher prices. Confinement isn't absolutely necessary to raise wagyu cattle to produce Kobe-style beef. Bred for intense labor, the cattle's high concentration of marbled meat is the result of genetics. American-raised wagyu cattle have access to pasture for part of their lives and produce meat of a quality similar to Kobe. All Kobe Beef Is Wagyu, But Not All Wagyu Beef Is Kobe. Wagyu is a breed of cattle. Kobe is Fullblood Wagyu pure Tajima-gyu lineage that is raised and harvested in Kobe, the capital of Japan’s Hyogo Prefecture. While our Wagyu are not Kobe, because they are raised in the U.S. and not Japan, they are 100% Fullblood Japanese Black Wagyu. Wagyu beef is also raised differently than any other cattle breed here in the U.S. Typically, most cattle are raised either on pasture or in a feedlot setting until the reach somewhere around 1,000 pounds, give or take a few hundred pounds. Wagyu beef calves spend twelve months with their mother and herd.

A5 Wagyu Assortment from Crowd Cow. If you have ever wanted to try some authentic Japanese A5 Wagyu beef now is the time. Wipe the drool off your screen and go enter your email on Crowd Cow to be notified as soon as it is available. Reserve Cattle Company Wagyu has full blood Wagyu cattle for sale, Wagyu bulls, Wagyu semen and Wagyu embryos, as well as Kobe beef cows, Japanese Wagyu cattle, Japanese cattle, and American Wagyu. We are members of the American Wagyu Association. 15/12/2019 · Debunking Myths Surrounding Wagyu, the Most Expensive Beef in the World Until recently, restaurants had been duping customers, passing off inauthentic Kobe sliders and steaks as the real thing. We tapped a team of chefs and Wagyu experts to cut through the noise, and find out what makes this beef so special.

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