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All the videos I have done for this cool hack. Custom Track Grand Prix Revolution, aka CTGP-R or most commonly CTGP, is an unoffical mod to Mario Kart Wii created by MrBean35000vr and his brother Chadderz. The mod adds over 200 custom tracks to MKW and countless other features previously unavailable with the. 17/12/2018 · 2. Insert Mario Kart Wii and the SD card into the Wii and load the Homebrew Channel. 3. The CTGP Revolution Channel should be on your apps list. Run it and have fun! A VIDEO DEMO Outdated: Riivolution and Mario Kart Wii v3.0 - 4.2 Riivolution and Mario Kart Wii v4.3. 20/05/2015 · CTGP Revolution is a mod for Mario Kart Wii by MrBean3500vr and Chadderz that adds over 200 new tracks by various authors, both remade from previous games as well as original, online play even after the WFC shutdown, a custom Wii channel, the ability to freely alter the game's music and character models, an anti-cheat protection and even a new.

CTGP-7 is a Mario Kart 7 Modpack for 3DS. It includes several Custom Tracks, texture hacks and music hacks. You should install custom firmware on your console in. CTGP-Universe is a custom track distribution for Mario Kart 8, it features 17 tracks, 12 custom cups, a custom boot screen, custom title screens, meta files and Haxchi files. Tracks. This track listing is temporary and may be subject to change. 29/11/2019 · CTGP-7 is a romhack for Mario Kart 7 adding new features to the game. 5 years after the first version was released, the CTGP-7 dev team is proud to present what we consider the biggest update to the mod ever made, the v1.0 update.

12/10/2018 · Mario Kart Wii. Tutorials Do you want to see how. FINAL STEP: Load the CTGP channel, make sure the “use My Stuff folder” option is on, and load CTGP! CONCLUSION: Now you can use 200cc on CTGP! The option itself won’t show up, so select 150cc as your speed option. 05/08/2019 · First and foremost, greetings! I am MrBean35000vr, one of the developers of the Mario Kart Wii CTGP Revolution custom track pack, and I'm looking for advice and suggestions for an upcoming project that's currently being worked on.

The makers of CTGP-R basically have traps in CTGP-R that allow it to work fine on regular Wiis but break in Dolphin. I believe you can technically backtrack to a 1.2 version of CTGP-R or play another pack such as the Mario Kart Fun. Mario Kart Wii: List of all rooms → Click to watch a profile or room with auto reload. → Click a room name or a friend code to view a history summary. → The attention icons are warnings about missed peer-to-peer connections. → Click this icon for an introduction about this MKW statistics page.

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