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17/12/2018 · The Good The iPhone XS Max has a big, brilliant display and a little more battery life than the XS. It benefits from the improvements that the XS also has: faster speeds, some durability and water resistance improvements, better camera and dual-SIM support. The Bad It's so, so, so expensive. If the. 13/09/2018 · This story is part of Apple Event, our full coverage of the latest news from Apple headquarters. Yesterday, Apple announced the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. These three new iPhones for 2018 officially replace the iPhone X, which Apple pulled from its store after the announcement. So if. 23/11/2019 · iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max specs vs. iPhone XR, XS and XS Max: What's new and different. We compare Apple's new iPhones with the ones. 04/09/2019 · Last year's iPhone XS Max put up a good fight, but it's no match against the new camera features on Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 Plus. Check out the results of our comparison for yourself.

07/12/2018 · The XR's display is fine. Enthusiasts of perfect displays or pros needing top-notch detail might want the XS or XS Max. The one camera advantage of the iPhone XS: dual rear camera. The telephoto lens on the XS and XS Max have 2x optical zoom and work in a telephoto Portrait Mode, just like the iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus cameras. 17/12/2018 · On our video playback battery drain test, the iPhone XS Max lasted 17 hours, 23 minutes. The iPhone XR did even better over 19 hours, but still, this battery life is up there with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and hours better than the iPhone XS only 13 hours, 30 minutes. 28/02/2019 · The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have been available since Sept. 21 and we've got plenty of cases in-house already and more on the way. So get started on picking the perfect case that will protect your investment -- and be compatible with wireless charging.

O Apple iPhone XS Max é um dos smartphones iOS mais avançados e completos que existem em circulação. Tem um grande display de 6.5 polegadas com uma resolução de 2688x1242 pixel. As funcionalidades oferecidas pelo Apple iPhone XS Max são muitas e inovadoras.</plaintext></p> <p>Conheça o iPhone XS Max O novo lançamento da Apple traz uma telona, muita bateria e praticidadeleia mais. Gente, o iPhone XS Max foi feito pra quem não desgruda da tela do celular, viu? Com tela de 6,5 polegadas, você vai assistir todos os seus filmes e seriados sem cansar a vista e com muito conforto. 02/10/2019 · 新型の「iPhone XS」と「iPhone XS Max」の一部ユーザーが、「Lightning」ケーブルで電源に接続しているときに充電されないという現象が発生していることを、アップルのコミュニティーサイトで報告している。.</p> <p>17/09/2018 · Apple's shiny new phones are ready for preorder. If you're trying to convince yourself not to pick one up, you've come to the right place. Read the CNET article here: iPhone XS' industry-first A12 chip gives Apple big advantage over rivals - cnet.co/2MGtpM8. iPhone XS Max's giant display is ruining Snapchat selfies, and users aren't happy The new iPhone promised superb picture quality, but when users tried out Snapchat, they were sorely disappointed.</p> <p>Testes conduzidos pela Apple em agosto de 2018 usando unidades de pré-produção do iPhone XS e iPhone XS Max com software em versão preliminar e carregadores USB-C Apple modelo A1720 de 18W, modelo A1540 de 29W, modelo A1882 de 30W, modelo A1718 de 61W e modelo A1719 de 87W. The display has rounded corners that follow a beautiful curved design, and these corners are within a standard rectangle. When measured as a standard rectangular shape, the screen is 5.85 inches iPhone 11 Pro, 6.46 inches iPhone 11 Pro Max, or 6.06 inches iPhone 11, iPhone X R diagonally. Actual viewable area is less. 04/09/2019 · Samsung's new Note 10 Plus has four sensors on the back of the phone and some fancy new tricks -- can last year's iPhone XS Max keep up? 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