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Invented in prison, a "Fee Fee" towel folded twice with the open end of a rubber glove sticking out. After being rolled, the end of the glove is then stretched over the top. Then it is finished by pulling a sock over the opposing end to hold the glove in place. Female gender of the human race. a gurl who can carry her own and hold it down by herself, who play people like dummies, and will knock a hoe in the throat. "fee" is. A guy that goes around sniffing girl's bicycle seats. A jack off device made of a rubber glove,a rolled up towel, some duct tape & a squirt of lotion. Usually used in Prison.

Banter in which the classic English poem Fee Fi Fo Fum is edited for the purpose of banter. It is known in the British advert for weetabix where the tiny little dickhead boy says FEE FI. What does Fee Fee mean in Urban Dictionary?: Invented in jail, a "Fee Fee" bath towel folded two times with all the open-end of a rubber glove sticking out. After being rolled, the termination of the. Originating in Chicago; a slang word that is defined as "a party". Generally a block or house party. What does Fee mean in Urban Dictionary?: attractive feminine; Female, woman, girl.Derived through the very first syllable in word female.; A tax perhaps not voted on by the individuals. The amount of money you pay your dealer or friend, added to the price of your drugs/alcohol, in retribution for getting it to you.

A fetish where partners are allowed to fuck any part of their partner at any time. fee definition: 1. an amount of money paid for a particular piece of work or for a particular right or service: 2. Learn more.

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