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The ALEXANDRINE PARROT. The Alexandrine parakeet, also called the Alexandrine parrot, is a bright, gentle, independent, medium-sized bird. They are known to be hardy and relatively quiet compared to their Indian ring-neck cousins. The Alexandrine parakeet is named after emperor Alexander The Great born 356 B.C.. Ringneck and Alexandrine parrot care! Ringneck and Alexandrine parrots are fascinating, inquisitive birds that can make very good pets in the right home. Many are very playful and vocal. Ringneck parrots are available in a wide range of colours and mutations. Sexual dimorphism a visual difference between males and females is evident in mature. 22/10/2019 · Hi all, I'm considering adopting an older Alexandrine and am wondering what size cage would be suitable. I currently have an eclectus who lives in a 36"x26"x64", and while I'd like to get the exact same cage for the Alexandrine, I'm kind of afraid that it. This is a parakeet that is named after Alexander the Great who took this parrot from Punjab into many European and Mediterranean countries. This species is also called eupatria in Latin which means of noble ancestry. This parrot is larger in size than Indian Ringneck measuring around 23 inches in size with a large wingspan of 8 inches.

The Alexandrine Parrot – a large bird with a streamlined body and elongated central tail feathers – is an excellent example of a good-feathered bird. The cock has predominately green plumage, a rose-pink collar, a purple-red patch on the wings and a broad black stripe across the lower cheeks. Size of cage and wood boxnest of Alexandrine Parakeet couple. Post by Paultran » Fri Sep 17, 2010 4:54 am Hi everyone, I have a couple of Alexandrine Parakeet!. ↳ Alexandrine Parrot ↳ Derbyan Parakeet ↳ Moustache Parakeet ↳ Plumhead Parakeet; Ringneck Rehoming. Alexandrine Parrot or Psittacula eupatria, their breeding feeding housing. Alexandrine Parrot. Parent bird's preferences can also be influenced by the size and type of nest-box / log in which the bird was hatched and reared. Most Alexandrine Parrots will allow nest inspections and allow the young to.

16/05/2012 · I was originally going to get an African grey but recently I have really grown fond of alexandrine parakeets. I know there are several members on here with them so I wanted to ask what size cage you recommended for them. 22/05/2016 · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. 08/12/2013 · Hi friends i am going to make new cages for two of my Napalese Alexandrines.The third will remain in its old cage.The measurements will be 4 ft long, 4ft wide & 8 ft hight of each cage.Is this size fit for Alexanderines.The entrance will be from my Indian peafowls cage.I mean the door will be inside in another cage so the birds can not easily.

Rasta the Alexandrine parrot. - YouTube.

The Alexandrine Parrot.

Alexandrine parrot care is not that hard by the way they are easily managed by the owners. Clip their feathers in an accurate and clean-full manner also never trim their nails rather file it if you are hand taming your pet friend. If we talk about their diet, Alexandrine parrot are not fussy eaters. 17/01/2012 · It's not for me. Someone I know wants to purchase a second hand cage for an Alexandrine. I've never seen this type of parrot in person so I'd rather ask those who have these parrots rather than go by what the internet posts.

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